About Us


The patterns offered here are designed exclusively for this website by pattern designers, Adonia Neona Emerson & Harmony Lyn Emerson. We specialize in cute, easy and fun CROCHET patterns for seasonal home decor (graphghans, pillows, wall tapestries, and more) to decorate your home, as well as adorable dolls (amigurumi) that are fun for all ages young and old.

About Us

The Company

Please note that Hooked Creation sells only the crochet instructions for making the individual items. We do not sell the completed crochet project. Hooked Creation opened for business in February 2014. We started with a small, select number of patterns and our numbers just keep growing! 

Hooked Creation grew out of a love of crocheting, a love of designing, and an overwhelming desire to figure out just how to make things with yarn, not forget the awesome kids who kept asking “Mommy can you make me something like this?”
Combine all of that that with a love of computer graphics and a desire to sell crochet patterns over the internet, and here we are!

Of course, it did not happen overnight! Much time, work and energy goes into Hooked Creation. Adonia Neona Emerson is the pattern writer and editor, photographer, graphic designer, website designer, bookkeeper, etc.  Simply put it’s a “one woman show over here”.  That is until February of 2018 - When my 14 year old Daughter asked if she could have a job and has now joined in helping with pattern designing.  With the ongoing love and support of family and friends, every day Hooked Creation grows just a little more. 

The Patterns

All of our patterns have been quality tested, and are written in US terms.  Every pattern comes complete with a US/UK crochet terms conversion table, and easy to understand instructions with pictures for how to complete the stitches required for the pattern.  All of our graphghan patterns come with a full size (across multiple pages)  symbols on color graph, and written instructions for the graph. So whether you prefer to work from a graph or hate the counting and like it written out, our patterns have both. The
 items for sale within our site are for digital patterns only. The PDF file of the pattern will be available for instant download once payment is confirmed. If you have any questions about the pattern or the download process, please contact us.  Due to products being available for instant download, no refunds are available.

The Designer

I am so fortunate to have been designing in crochet and other needlework forms for over 20 years!   There will always be a small part of me that wishes I had kept better track of some of my earlier works, as many of my designs have sense been lost in the wind, and I often find myself going back and trying to recreate many of them.  Give me time, and a crochet hook, wait and watch the magic happen.

Needlework as well as many other DIY craft forms have always come naturally to me. As much as I may have wished someone would have taken the time to sit down and teach me, the fact is I am completely self-taught. I started hand sewing doll clothes when I was in my early teens.  From there I learned embroidery and cross stitch, then worked up to latch hook and plastic canvas.  I wanted so many times to learn how to crochet, but I just couldn’t figure it out from books alone.  Then along came the magic of Youtube! Video after video of different people showing different techniques and methods, explanations about hooks sizes and yarn types, and best of all; instructions about how to read crochet patterns.  It finally all clicked into place.  With a little trial and error, it was not long before I started writing my own patterns.  Crochet has been my full-time passion for over 10 years now. I have been lucky enough to turn that passion into a design business for nearly 4 years. 

With the love and support of my wonderful husband, who puts up with my yarn obsession, I have been able to turn my passion into my full time job.  It has allowed me to work from home while being a Mommy to my 2 beautiful children, and though it keeps me busy it never really feels much like work, after all it is and will always be my favorite hobby. 

In February 2018 - My 14 year old daughter asked me if she could get a job.  Harmony Lyn started learning computer graphic design when she was just 10 years old, along with home lessons from me, she also has taken a computer graphics class is school, and continues to push herself everyday to learn just a little more.  Her love of art and music drives her to continue to grow artistically and create amazing works of beauty she longs to share with the world :D