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Well guys – here we go 2022! I was hoping to have a better announcement ready for today – but alas not enough hours in the days. As many of you know, I have been diligently working on some much needed pattern updates site wide for a little while now – I was really hoping to have them all done before the new year – but it’s just me here and with over 2,000 patterns to update, keeping up with all of your amazing custom orders, keeping up with customer service emails and messages, and making new patterns - lets just say – goal failure lol. But I have made a HUGE dent in them! A little over 1,200 patterns have been updated so far – and I’m still working on more every day (there’s a light at the end of this tunnel somewhere lol) For those of you who don’t know yet – What are these pattern updates all about? It was brought to my attention by a handful of amazing customers that there was room for improvement on my patterns – and I agreed! Our patterns were very much in need of some updates/corrections/improvements. So what improvements have we made? Graphs – old graphs have the numbers running in the wrong order on them – the numbers on the graphs do not match up with the numbered rows in the written directions. The graphs were numbered top to bottom while the written was done from bottom to top. Updated patterns now have the graph numbers running from bottom to top so they match up with the written Also the graph previously had random symbols assigned to each color on the graph for easier black & white printing - those symbols have now been updated to Alphabet Letters - for easier reading. Additionally I have been updating the basic “how to” instructions on the patterns – clearer steps, removed unnecessary stitch abbreviation info (only stitches used in the patterns is on the updates) How to “color changes” info has also been updated. 

How can I tell if a pattern has been updated or not before I purchase it? Pattern listings have also been updated There are 3 differences on updated pattern listings. Updated patterns product images have an image that shows the yarn colors and amounts listed on it (so you know how much of each color is needed before you buy the pattern) Recommended hook size has been updated to an H 5.0mm hook. Updated patterns also now include the Graph Size in the product description. 

Can I still use/purchase a pattern that hasn’t been updated yet? Of course you can, however if you would prefer to have the pattern updated before you use/purchase it PLEASE reach out to me (comment, message, email whatever). . . I am more than happy to work on these pattern updates out of order – if there’s a specific one(s) you would like me to pop to the top of my to do list please just let me know which ones and I will get them done ASAP. 

What if I already purchased an old pattern, how do I get the updated version? Once a pattern has been updated . . if you've already purchased it . . you can simply go into your order history on your account and redownload the pattern and you will receive the updated version 

So with all that being said – I know this post is already really long, but bear with me lol 2022 – wow – ok so what else is new for this year at Hooked Creations? 

Updates to our Facebook group  I’ve decided to start doing a Small Business Sunday post Every Sunday. When the post shows up – everyone is welcome to post their links for their CROCHET RELATED BUISNESS in the comments on that post (everything from pattern sales to finished items, hooks, yarns, whatever as long as it’s crochet related) All personal business posts are allowed ONLY in the comments on the Sunday – Share your Links Post. Any posts advertising anything other than Hooked Creations patterns that are made anywhere other than in the comments on this post will be removed from the group – repeat offenders/spammers will be removed from the group. 

What’s on your Hook Wednesdays – every Wednesday we will have a What’s on your Hook post – We LOVE seeing what everyone is working on – even if it’s not one of our patterns (although those are my personal favorites ) 

New Games, Contests, Giveaways and more. I have quite a few new things coming VERY SOON, and bringing back some older games by customer request (and I’m always open to more/new suggestions for ideas to make our group even more amazing then it already is so don’t be shy if you have ideas – feel free to message me Keep an eye out for all the new amazing things coming – and HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE – lets make it a GREAT one!

"There's a Hole In my Bed"  has been our most popular pattern sense the day it was designed in 2016.  This incredible Optical Illusion Crochet Graphghan Pattern uses Black along with 4 shades of color with the darkest shade at the center of the "hole" working out toward the lightest shade.  This unique combination of color with the black outlines creates the illusion that there really is a "Hole" in the blanket utilizing shadows and highlights provided by the various shades of color resulting in the optimum effect.  This design has boggled the mind of both the young and old for the last 6 years, and is showing no signs of slowing down in popularity.  

This incredible design is available to be made using SC (Single Crochet) or TSS ( (Tunisian Simple Stitch) and can be found on HookedCreations.com in a Rectangular Throw (60" x 50"), Full/Double With Drape (80" x 90"), and a Queen with Drape (100" x 90") Size, as well as a variety of color options (which of course can be substituted with any colors options of your liking)

Get your Copy of this Amazing Pattern HERE 


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